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Tv Cooking Programmes Drive A Surge Of Interest In Culinary Art Schools

With the increase in number and popularity of television programmes focusing on cooking and culinary skills a large number of people are finding the internet a key place to find tips and information on culinary art schools.

Over 53,000 people last month searched on the internet for information on culinary schools’ and this data is from just one search engine. This increasing trend for people looking for culinary art schools and for careers in the culinary world is believed to be driven by the significant rise in cooking and culinary related programmes which have been aired on television especially over the last few months. This has been coupled with the new high profiles of so called celebrity chefs’, further driving interest in the field.

Anne Sprigpitt owner of 1culinaryartschools.com says, Over the last few months we’ve seen a significant increase in the numbers of people using our site to find more information about culinary arts schools. Much of this is down to the popularity of TV cooking programmes such as Master Chef’, Saturday Kitchen’ and Great British Menu’, which have been screening on the BBC over recent months.

The main problem many people who search for information on culinary art schools is that they are overwhelmed by the number of different options available to them. For example there are French cooking schools, Thai cooking schools, Le Cordon Bleu schools, Italian cooking schools and many more. There are so many choices they just don’t know where to start looking

My advice to anyone who is looking for a career in cooking and wants to join a culinary art school is to narrow down your areas of interest, so that you identify what area of cooking you are most passionate about and go for it. The most important thing is doing what you love.

Cooking to a very high standard is not easy and requires many hours of dedication, sweat and tears. If the increase in popularity of culinary art schools continues, we should see a new wave of celebrity chefs’ coming through over the next few years as more people see it as a viable way to achieve success and fame.

Italian cookery courses london, Italian cooking courses london

invite me to dinner provides online help for people who are fond of cooking and eating. Different types of cookery courses. are provided on this medium through which you can learn how to cook a variety of dishes in a few hours.”>How do you think most Italians learn how to prepare magnificent ravioli, melting lasagne, or divine scaloppine? From a TV programme? From an English chef writing recipes for a thick book?

Not really. Most of the time, from a loving and caring mother (or father, sometimes) who step by step showed them how to do it, rebuked them when the filling was too salted and guiding them through the preparation of the perfect “salsa di pomodoro”. No TV was involved, maybe an old and stained recipe book, passed on from one generation to the next, and for sure no fake “Italian chefs” with a heavy English accent behind the screen (you know who I am referring to…).

This is why Italian cookery courses are becoming increasingly popular, not only in London but around UK and in Italy too. Italian cuisine is one of the most reknown in the world. Not because of the extremely upscale estethism of Japanese cuisine, or the richness of flavours of French cuisine, or the melting spiciness of the Chinese one.

It is because of the simplicity of its dishes, a cuisine that cleverly combines individual flavours but while preserving them and possibly creating new ones. Basic dishes are really easy to prepare (if you think of a delicious pasta al pesto, or scaloppine al limone) but become by themselfs a real feast.

Italian cooking courses in London are so popular because they are the best way to bring home the best secrets of the Italian “mamma”. They allow you to quicky become an expert in the basics of Italian cuisine in a very practical way.Very popular Italian cooking courses in London are currently developed by the commitment of large chains or so-to-speak famous Italian chefs, but the most effective Italian cookery courses in London are the ones that arrive directly to your home. This means that you will get a chef at your place at an agreed time and you will receive a customised Italian cooking lesson in your own kitchen.

Weather you want to give an Italian cooking course as a present to a girlfriend for her hen party or you want to hone your husband’s skills in the kitchen, an Italian cooking lesson at home might be your best choice. It is not expensive after all, and allows you to choose the right menu to suit your skills and preferences and the right time (and obviously location!) according to your busy schedule.

There are a few individual Italian cooking courses in London, that you will find on the net. Watch for the ones that are run by 100% Italian chefs and have been in business for some time. You do not want to end up learning a British version of tagliatelle alla bolognese, isn’t it?

invite me to dinner provides online help for people who are fond of cooking and eating. Different types of cookery courses. are provided on this medium through which you can learn how to cook a variety of dishes in a few hours.

Ways In Which A Weber Bbq Can Change Your Home Experience For The Better

For many of us, the weekend is about relaxation, putting our feet up in front of the TV, reading in the conservatory or watching the local football team. The weekend, as we have come to expect, is for us to enjoy and put aside the stresses of the working week. But of course, it is also a chance for family to visit and friends to call round, and with a Weber bbq on which to prepare some steak and burgers, also to host an informal Sunday lunch.

The popularity of the bbq has grown to such an extent that even those without much room in the garden are happy to host one. Indeed, so long as the sun is shining and the rain stays away, it is a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon. And in fact, many of us with sufficient room will build a patio or decking area specifically to host the event.

Painting the decking in Dulux paint, in colours of lawn green or woody brown, can make it blend into the garden seamlessly. And with the benefits of Cuprinol shades, it is easily protected against the elements that might otherwise stop any bbq plans in their tracks. Still, as long as the food is tasty, the drink is refreshing and the company is enjoyable, it does not seem to matter where the event takes place.
Some may wonder why bbq parties have grown to become so popular, but there are a number of reasons why. We have put together just three of them that explain why a bbq is such a hit with family and friends today.

The Freedom of the Outdoors
One simple reason for the attraction of a bbq is the fact that the meal is enjoyed away from the dinner table, free from the confines of indoors. It might sound too obvious, but it is still worth pointing out and it makes a nice change of scenery from where you normally eat.
We may be used to the etiquette associated with attending a dinner party, sitting at a dining table and eating politely. The problem is that we are surrounded by items of worth, some of which may be crystal or fine china, which only increases our need to be careful.
But the eating arrangement at a bbq is far less formal, even free. We can sit on a garden wall and munch a crudely assembled hamburger. We can stand without risking bumping our head against the low hanging lamp over the dining room table. We can feel fresh air on our faces as we apply streaks of mustard and ketchup to our hot dog.

The Aromatic Picnic
Years ago, the freedom that we can now enjoy at a bbq, as described above, could only be enjoyed by travelling to some corner of the countryside to have a picnic. These events are filled with happy memories for us since, as children, we escaped the muggy city or town and got to run around in nature. The only issue was that the menu was restricted to salads and cold meat sandwiches.

These days, of course, we head to a city centre park and enjoy the experience too. And thanks to the development of portable bbqs, we can enjoy hot food, like freshly grilled burgers and steaks. And with that freshly cook meat, an aroma drifts across us, building our hunger and creating something more than just a picnic.
Close to Home

But perhaps most enjoyable of all is the fact that the freedom of outdoors can be enjoyed in our own garden. This is an advantage as, should the clouds gather and the raindrops fall, we simply move everything inside. There is the minimum of upset, no chance of being stranded, and the party can simply continue.

Later, when the summer shower has moved on, we can wheel our Weber BBQ back onto the decking and continue.
When these three points are taken into account, it is not difficult to understand why the bbq party has become so popular. Without doubt, buying a bbq enhances the home experience, and impacts very positively on the socialising experience that a home can play host to.
Even the investment of decking, and the effort that goes into painting it with Dulux paint colors that include dark green or brown, and protecting it with Cuprinol shades, show the significance that the whole event is to the modern family

Celebrity Chefs Lead Stellar Culinary Careers

Charismatic and creative chefs have impacted culture since the 1880s, when France’s Antoine Carme rose to stardom as chef for Napoleon and European royalty. Less than a century later, American Julia Child recreated the world’s understanding of French Cuisine through her cookbooks and television appearances, paving the way for a slew of celebrity chefs in the 1990s and into the next century.

Celebrity chefs earned their fame by starting with culinary school degrees or cooking in their parents’ kitchens. Some supplement culinary school or formal culinary education with natural talent and magnetic personalities to earn public success. Celebrity chefs and their cooking wisdom are available everywhere including a television network devoted entirely to culinary arts and shelves of cookbooks at the local bookstore.

Julia Child: American Chef Turns French

Julia Child, born in 1912 in Pasadena, California, got her start in cooking in the late 1940s after a career in advertising and public relations. Already a graduate of Smith College, she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu culinary school when her husband was assigned a job in Paris. She later opened a cooking school, L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes, and published the famous cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking with two colleagues from Le Cordon Bleu. Child became one of American’s first celebrity chefs and enjoyed a long career of television appearances, teaching, and writing.

Rocco DiSpirito: Reality Cooking

New York’s Rocco DiSpirito is one of celebrity chefdom’s best educated stars. He enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America at age 16, where he earned a culinary school degree with honors. He later studied at the Jardin de Cygne in Paris, and spent two years studying regional French food and wine. Rocco rounded out his culinary education with a business degree from Boston University. DiSpirito is known for his fusion of French and Asian styles, and he has opened several popular restaurants. His television credits include the reality show The Restaurant and selling Rocco Cookware on QVC.

Bobby Flay: Natural Culinary Talent

Bobby Flay began his culinary career at age 17, when he was hired at Joe Allen’s restaurant in Manhattan. Allen was so impressed with Flay’s cooking abilities that he paid for Flay’s culinary education at the French Culinary Institute. After receiving his culinary school degree, Flay became famous for his unique blends of Spanish and American cuisines. Flay owns four restaurants, including Bolo in New York, and appears regularly on the Food Network and the Early Show on CBS.

Emeril Lagasse: Kickin’ Cooking up a Notch

Known for popularizing Cajun and Creole cooking, Emeril Lagasse first learned about cooking from his mother as a young boy in Massachusetts. He received his culinary school degree from Johnson and Wales University, and worked as head chef at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans before opening his own restaurants there and in other U.S. cities. He also is a famous TV personality, getting his start in 1993 on the Food Network. The word “bam” has become synonymous with his name.

Nigella Lawson: Writing Her Culinary Career

Unlike most celebrity chefs, Nigella Lawson began her culinary career as a food writer. She earned a language degree from Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, England and got a job writing a restaurant column for Spectator. She now writes for several major culinary publications, including Gourmet and Bon Appetit, has published a number of bestselling cookbooks based on her motto, “To achieve maximum pleasure through minimum effort.” Today, she hosts several successful TV cooking shows such as Nigella Bites.

Jamie Oliver: Life-Long (and Naked) Chef

Jamie Oliver began his culinary training at age eight in his parents’ popular pub in England. He worked on his culinary education at Westminster Catering College through age sixteen, and he got his celebrity break when he appeared on a documentary about the British caf in which he was working. Television producers called him in the next morning, and he began starring in the enormously successful Naked Chef. He has since written several Naked Chef books, taken his live cooking show on the road, and opened a popular not-for-profit restaurant. Jamie’s dedication to public service and to making culinary education accessible has won him many fans.

Wolfgang Puck: Charismatic Culinary Talent

Originally from Austria, Wolfgang Puck was one of the first super chefs to establish a cooking empire. His interest in cooking was first sparked by his mother, a hotel chef. Puck received his culinary education as an apprentice in the master kitchens of top French restaurants in Europe. His charismatic personality and cooking talent led to television appearances, popular cookbooks, and wildly successful business ventures. Spago, his famous Los Angeles-based restaurant, revolutionized California pizza with its menu of gourmet toppings.

Gordon Ramsay: Villain Chef or Hero Helper?

England’s Gordon Ramsay has become one of the most notorious villains of celebrity chefdom, known for both his outstanding cooking skills and abrasive personality. His soccer career was cut short with an injury at age fifteen. He began cooking four years later, working with top chefs in London and Paris before becoming head chef at Aubergine in 1993. Ramsay’s infamy has spread to the U.S. in his reality television show Hell’s Kitchen. His culinary career continues to flourish with new restaurants and another television series where he provides on-the-spot culinary education to struggling restaurant owners.

Rachael Ray: Much More Than 30 Minutes of Fame

Culinary entrepreneur Rachel Ray began cooking at her mother’s side as a toddler. Her family owned and worked in restaurants in the northeastern United States. Ray learned about gourmet foods working at the candy counter and the fresh food department at Macy’s. She opened a prestigious gourmet food market in New York but left to pursue a culinary career in the Adirondacks. She managed restaurants and taught her “30-Minute Meals” cooking classes, which catapulted her to fame when she was featured on the local news. Ray now is the author of New York Times bestselling cookbooks, publishes her own magazine, and appears regularly on television.


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Get The 1950’s Look With Gorgeous Cooking Aprons

The 1950s was a time when the world began to change. This decade is the one that saw the coming of the modern world as we know it, yet saw a world still on the cusp of homely values and stylish individualism. It was frankly a time before the ravages of mass consumerism took hold.

Our selection of great cooking aprons hark back to such a time and really capture the essence of the era, ensuring that you look stylish and great while in the home. The 1950s liik is one of elegance and in fact one we still obsess about.

Look at all the TV shows on our sets that hark back to this time as one of elegance and excitement. Shows such as Mad Men are popular partially because of the beautiful clothes and elegant styles of the time. Our aprons give you that classic appeal, that still has a certain sexy joy to it.

In fact much of the attractive feel of today and many of the styles we love and admire go back to this time. Look at the shift in the fashionable look to a time of red lipstick and 1950s makeup. There’s no denying it we love the 1950s and are only too glad to get back to the time.

Our great retro 1950s cooking aprons allow you to not only pretend you’ve got the so called look, but also have it. What better way to brighten up the usual meals than with a great apron. Then again. What better way to impress visitors when they come for dinner than with one of our aprons. Our clothing can provide a bright spot in an other wise dreary day, is fun and also practical.

This of course makes it the perfect clothing for a gift and means the next time you don’t know what to get someone special in your life, come to use and have a look – perhaps your aunt, friend, or mother would love something from out 1950s inspired styles?

Of course they would, our styles are elegant and also made to the zenith of quality. This means that you’ll be sure to have it for decades to come. Imagine when now is retro, pulling out your once and possibly still retro design apron? One thing we know is that a great and gorgeous style never changes – so people are sure to be still impressed.

This mixture of style, hard wearing materials and a take on the wonderful decade of the 1950s makes our items very popular, but always unique looking .Women love their individuality, style and the classy look. This of course makes them the perfect treat, gift, or present.

So, to really get that 1950s look, take a gander at our 1950s inspired vintage aprons today.

Acne Control Tips That Minimize Breakouts

If youre searching for acne control tips that can diminish acne breakouts with no acne medicine, medications, or seeing a skin care expert, then the following acne control tips may be the most important information you read today.

Heres why:

Ive recently learned that you can reduce breakouts by getting your body to rapidly digest the foods you eat.

Let me explain

If your body process foods at a snail’s pace, foods will start to rot and release toxins throughout your body. And once toxin level reach a high point, your body will start to eliminate it through your skin, causing your skin to breakout.

So what you need to do is make sure the foods you consumed dont stay in your system for more than 24 hours.

So how can you speed up the digestion process and prevent your body from releasing toxins through your skin?

Consider the following:

Eat in a relaxed and calm state dont eat in a hurry, watching TV, driving or eat while youre doing something else. This can arcs back your G.I. tract and cause incomplete digestion.

So in order for your body to digest foods completely, you must eat in a relax state by taking your time and eating your food slowly.

Dont drink fluids with meals Drinking any type of drinks with your meals will dilute your bodys digestive juice which are needed for breaking down and digesting food.

Although water is essential for detoxification, the only time I recommend drinking water or any type of fluid is between meals or when youre consuming something very dry (but only drink enough to help you swallow it).

Chew food thoroughly chew and break down the foods you eat to the smallest particles possible before swallowing. Otherwise chunks of undigested food will enter your colon putrefying and feeding Candida and other parasites which can lead to acne breakouts.

Allow food time to digest before exercising I recommend you wait at least one hour before starting any type of workout after consuming any meal.

This is simply because when you exercise your body directs blood away from your digestive organs and transfer it to your muscles. This will slow down or even stop digestion altogether. So just relax after you eat.

Avoid eating big meals for breakfast or dinner Your body goes through a cleansing, absorption, and assimilation cycle every day.

The cleansing phase occurs at night till morning. This is when your system clears out all the toxins that it accumulated from the day before.

The absorption phase starts from morning to afternoon. This is when your system absorbs the nutrients from the foods you consumed.

And finally the assimilating phase. It starts in the afternoon and goes on until evening. This is when your system assimilates the nutrients that your system absorbed. And take them to the cells and organs that they need to be.

Therefore, if you eat large meals in the morning time your body will stop cleansing and start digesting the food you just ate.

The same happens in the evening. Your system will stop assimilating nutrients to your cells and organs and start digesting.

Therefore, the only time you should or could eat large meals is in the afternoon. When your body is absorbing nutrients from the food you consume.

What happens if you do eat big meals for breakfast and dinner?

Your body will become chronically toxic, because your system did not have the time or energy to fully cleanse your body of toxins.

Which of course can result in more acne breakouts.

Enjoy Culinary Delights With Dish Hd Channels

If you are a beginner or an ace cook, this would be just for you DISH Network brings various shows on some of the worlds greatest recipes. So you do not have to hunt for your grandmothers secret recipe or embarrass yourself in front of your hubbys guest. You too can become an expert cook without following any cookbooks. So all the food lovers do not get disappointed when you taste a delicious meal at the nearby restaurant, you too can experiment your cooking skills. There are many cookery shows on DISH Network that segregate recipes into different categories like easy meals, starters, bachelor cooking, veg meals, non meals and main course. Sometimes you get to learn cooking meals for the children, would-be-mothers and elderly people. So let us know which are the leading Satellite TV channels that help you master this art?

Now DISH Network customers will be able to enjoy DISH HD Cooking Channel. It is replacement for Fine Living Network. This satellite TV channel is a spin-off of Food Network and will focus more on instructional shows than the reality shows. The channel has also announced that it would eventually have on demand versions of its most watched shows. Many superstars of Food Network Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay will host some new programs on this channel. Emerils new show named as Emerils Fresh Fast Food will show viewers that how one can prepare fresh food in minimal time. While Flays new program Brunch@ Bobbys will focus on weekend brunches and Rays Show Week in Day will focus on how to plan for weeks menu by cooking them all in a single day. All these programs are certainly some of the best satellite TV cookery shows that you will find in television. You can get these satellite TV channels along with the promotional pack of DISH HD free for life.

Till some time ago the cookery shows on television were monotonous where the format was simple presentable chefs and cooking experts would conduct cooking classes in studio kitchen. The audiences used to take note of all recipes diligently and hopefully used to try out these recipes later in their leisure hours. There were few other not so famous shows where the TV presenter would go into the unique famous old boring kitchen and give the audience a culinary demonstration. All this was too stereotype when the new format of cookery shows came on DISH HD channels. The entire format has been changed now. We get to see some glamorous face at the studio kitchen with some eye-catching good to eat recipes. Today food has become lifestyle and nobody likes to watch those ordinary kitchens at the background. The satellite TV programs in Travel and Living are one of the most watched programs. The shows give new recipes to food lovers. One such show is No Reservations hosted by the famous celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, which comes on Travel and Living. He is on culinary adventure traveling from Iceland to New Zealand, from France to Rajasthan to explore recipes of various parts of the world. He has an amazing aura to connect with his audience. So what takes the show into the top notch is the man himself, his personality and antics.

Organic Food Tax Write Off

I am finally preparing to have my taxes done this evening. Thats right, I did put it off until the last minute. I was contemplating what to write about for todays article while in the back of my head, thinking about what I will need to bring to the tax office tonight. I remembered a great idea that I had about this time last year about our taxes and the purchase of organic food.

You hear about it in the news, on TV shows and from politicians that Americas getting fat. Its not just the weight as much as it is our overall health that we should be concerned about but in todays economy it is very difficult for many people to eat healthy. It certainly helps to have an incentive in mind when deciding to switch to a healthy diet and many people are still skeptical about switching to organic food, assuming that its just a fad. It is slightly more expensive to eat organic but the truth is it that its the best choice we can make for our health.

America has become aware about the benefits of going green and making strides toward improving our environment but what we should also be concerned about is improving our health. If we can make America healthier one step at a time, a great start would be to allow tax payers to write off some of the cost of organic groceries. Not only will people eat healthier knowing that they will be partially compensated for the cost, it will benefit our country as a whole in many ways.

People who live healthy lifestyles will require less medical care. This is most likely a pipe dream, but it wouldnt hurt if our insurance would cover natural, homeopathic medicine as well as treatments like acupuncture and massage therapy, etc. Healthier citizens are more productive citizens. Employees will be more productive at work as they will be more alert, focused and happier because they will not be full of the toxins that can cause emotional problems, difficulty concentrating and so much more. Children who eat organic food function much better at school and will most likely earn better grades, increasing their chances for a decent job once they have graduated. I feel comfortable stating that the economy can only benefit from such a change.

We have two paths we can take. We can support local business owners like farmers as well as companies offering products that better our health and increase longevity, vs. giving our money to fast food and pharmaceutical companies. Why support businesses like McDonalds that entice prospective customers with visions of cheeseburgers dancing in their heads while delivering our children food that makes them look and feel terrible, not to mention includes meat from sick, hormone-injected cows. Come on guys, mommys taking everyone to McDonalds for dinner! I dont get the concept and the government shouldnt either.

We seem to be taking baby steps toward eating the right foods. Organic sections at grocery stores are growing and consumers are reading the labels before purchasing products. Now we just need the support of our government. If were not going to get rid of enterprises like McDonalds, lets at least offer even more incentives (above and beyond the obvious) for people to eat healthy. If our money goes toward organic food only, I guarantee you that businesses will want to accommodate our needs in order to thrive and our country will blossom from there.

Its time to come out of the closet about organic food. This is not a fad that will change over time- not once people notice the benefits that a nutritional diet can have on their health and appearance. Some people just need a little nudge in the right direction and a tax break just for one year just might do the trick!

Check out Discovery Health with Dish Network satellite television.

By: Frank Bilotta

How Cooking Shows Influence The common Kitchen

Every season, men and women from all across the globe, are glued up to watch every episode of Master Chef. Master Chef is a cooking reality show based from a British original. The show captures the hearts not only of aspiring chefs but of everyone who enjoys fancy and highly-advanced fashion homewares. What explains the surging rating of reality cooking shows? Is it because of peoples genuine interest in how they design their homes? Or is it merely because cooking shows now give viewers the same thrills that we get when watching glamorous celebrities on the tube?

Researches have proved that only 12% of the total adult population dislikes cooking at home. This means that over 50% enjoy fussing at the stove many of them enjoy the activity and others see it as a necessary task. Over 58% watch food programs on TV. They read the food section of newspapers and magazines and visit food websites. Given this, we can fairly say that media is a great influence not only in how homes prepare their food but also on how homeowners purchase home decor and decorate the kitchen.

According to studies, the average households kitchen is primarily influenced by friends and family. But food programs come in second. Viewers watch food TV shows because they want to learn new recipes. But given the fancy kitchen equipment and the convenience that these kitchenware offer, people no longer just watch cooking shows like Master Chef merely for cooking techniques but also to get the latest scoop in lifestyle homewares.

Expectedly, because men and women who love to cook also enjoy decorating the kitchen, high-end brands in kitchen homeware use these top-rating cooking shows to advertise their products. Even celebrities like Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay, and Maggie Beer who already have kitchen branded products take advantage of the high ratings of cooking shows. Now, people do not just watch food programs to explore new recipes, they do so as well to seek inspiration on how to decorate their kitchen.

The cooking show phenomenon has made everyone believe that in order to make good food, it is not enough that he has the right ingredients and knows the step-by-step cooking techniques, people have developed the belief that in order to cook great recipes, they need to have the right and the latest kitchen equipment, visually enticing kitchen interior, and a kitchen space conducive to cooking. In short, viewers want their kitchen to look as pleasant and as functional like their favorite food programs.

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Eight Career Popular Options with a Culinary Arts Degree

Culinary degrees are relatively easy to get. If you have started looking into getting a degree, you know that there is more than one that you can obtain under the umbrella of culinary arts. This means that you will be able to find an array of careers to choose from.

There are 8 popular career options to consider with one of the culinary art degrees available to you. Each career has something different to offer and may put you in a different working environment than what you would otherwise assume.

Pastry Chef

With a culinary arts degree in pastry and baking, you can become a pastry chef. This will allow you to explore all areas of pastry and baking. This includes breads, pies, cakes, and even chocolate. You can go into business for yourself and open up a bakery or you can work for any number of restaurants or hotels around the country.

Sous Chef

As a sous chef, you will be responsible for much more than sauces. You will be the right hand of the executive chef, but without as many responsibilities. If the executive chef is out, you are the next one in charge and therefore you hold a significant amount of weight in the kitchen.

Executive Chef

If you have ever dreamed of leading a kitchen and making sure that only the most delicious foods come out of the kitchen, you may want to get a degree in culinary arts where you can become an executive chef. You will be responsible for creating a menu, ordering, maintaining food cost and training all of your culinary staff members.

Private Chef

A popular career option is a private chef. This is where you will work for a particular household or business, creating whatever they are in the mood for. A person may hire you for a night to create a romantic dinner or for a month where you are to feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner while at a retreat, on a yacht, or anywhere else they deem it appropriate to dine.

Catering Chef

Catering is a popular career only because it is always in demand. As a catering chef, you have to mass produce quality food to be served by the plate or in a buffet style. You may be catering weddings, special events, conferences and various other things. You will have to create a menu that is easy to execute and maintain high standards throughout.

Restaurant Manager

With a culinary management degree, you will learn the food side and the management side of a restaurant. You will be leading the kitchen and the dining room, while focusing on quality in all regards. Your responsibilities will be in all areas, including food cost, marketing, and hiring.

Restaurant Consultant

Love food but want out of the kitchen? A career that is becoming more important is a restaurant consultant. You provide kitchens and dining rooms with a fresh prospective in regards to menu design, restaurant concept and even food safety.

Food Journalist

You may love to write about food – and food journalism is becoming bigger and bigger as more foodies are born thanks to the different TV shows, magazines, and blogs that are related to the food industry. You can write about food in general, food trends, or as a reviewer of restaurants in your area.