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New Delhi Restaurants Serving Culinary Magic

Delhi is celebrated all around for its spirit and culture. The magic is multiplied by parks, marketplaces, stadiums, monuments and temples. Every day there is something novel and fascinating that is delivered with complete potential and brilliance to this city. Besides, dazzle is added to the lifestyle of Delhi with its restaurants and other eating joints. New Delhi restaurants form the most vital pleasurable segment of the city. After all, when you spend the entire day roaming, enjoying and having fun; when the day ends, you need to have a great meal that satiates your hunger and treats your taste buds.
Every Delhite is craving for heightened sophistication of delectable delights; therefore, the number of specialty restaurants is increasing day by day in the city. Also, there are scores of luxury hotels that keep organizing food fests. This indicates that the city loves good food and is already ready to relish delicious bites. While eating joints in the city are being discussed, restaurants in Connaught Place cant be overlooked. With a host of Indian and International culinary varieties that they serve, they also set the ambiance in accordance to the food items to help you savor the comestibles the most. Many of them are also good choices to enjoy great variant flavors while being light on your pocket. Several hotels in Connaught Place also house restaurants that serve a host of culinary delights from foreign countries that range from Italian, Chinese, Greek and Lebanese.

Mughlai and Frontier delicacies attract gourmets to the city. A wide array of mouthwatering Mughlai cuisines bears the stamp of Mughals. People also have a taste for South Indian food, therefore, there is no dearth of restaurants serving South Indian platter. Non-vegetarian varieties from the Southern part of India are also served here. Along with these options, there are some choicest comestibles for kids. They range from dining to yogurts, ice-creams as well as some lovable desserts. There are several restaurants that serve authentic Indian food items.

Looking at the other end of the colorful spectrum of culinary assortments, numerous roadside eateries swarm around Nizamuddin and Jama Masjid. Exotic kebabs, roti, keema, kaleji, biryani and other scrumptious culinary magic in gravy dominate the palatable platter. Truly, restaurants in New Delhi cater to the taste buds of everyone, whether you are a local or a traveler from any part of India or planet.

The entire capital city of India is blessed with a number of eating places that range from separate restaurants, in-hotel restaurants, dhabas and street side stalls that serve irresistible savories. When it is about snacking, Indian, Mughlai, Continental or International food items, New Delhi restaurants play their role just the correct way. Regarding kulfis, chat, golgappas, dahi ballas, aloo tikkis and other spicy culinary variants; street stalls do complete justice to flavor tangs of those craving for them. Restaurants in Connaught Place are topped with famous food brands as well as quality budget places that serve comestibles from various parts of the world. Restaurants in New Delhi not only serve international flavors but also retain the authentic Indian flavor on the platter. No wonder, the metropolis is illustrious for its exquisite dining and wining as various dine and wine eating joints have peppered the locales. Life calls to indulge in some great dining experience and Delhi restaurants are working the perfect way for the same.

Different Types Of Indian Foods

There are a number of Indian recipes that are very popular in the whole world. India is famous because of many foods as it offers a wide ranging of cuisine from Indian to Italian to Chinese to Continental. Indian foods on the one hand include a proper 5 courses meal that is accomplished with candle light and ambience. Whereas on the other hand, you will also find there junk food on the roadside.
Maharashtrian Thali:
This Indian food is served in a simple ‘thali’ and that is why it is known as Maharashtrian Thali. There is a preset menu in every restaurant that is changed weekly. Generally two vegetables, salad, papad, vadas, a dal, and rice are included in this thali. The most significant eateries of it are Shabari, Shreyas, Durvankur, and Krishna. Some of the other main items are poli, puri, taak, amti, waal, jawari bajri bhakri, aloo chee bhaji, and sitafal rabdi.
North Indian Food:
The cuisine of North India is well known and can be distinguished by proportionally large use of the diary products such as ghee, yogurt, paneer, milk are all it common ingredients. All the gravies are based on dairies. Some of the other ingredients are saffron, nuts, and chilies. Some of these popular dishes are roti, paratha, makki ki roti, buknu, chaat, kebabs, sarso ka saag, gujiya, etc which is mostly served at the great Punjab, Only Parathas, and Lucknowi.
South Indian Food:
This South Indian cuisine is differentiated by the huge emphasize on the rice as a main staple grain, particularly curry leaves, coconut oil, liberal use of coconut, ubiquity of sambar as well as rasam at the meals. This food varies greatly from the wada sambar, paper masala, and also uthappa. Coffee House, Rupali, Vaishali, and Dosa Dinner are some popular serving South Indian food in restaurants.
Street Stalls:
This street Indian food is prepared and sold in the streets means open air and incredibly at quite low prices. These street stalls have quite a quick service and thus you can have food of your kind in very little time, but the only drawback is that there is lack of seating arrangement. These street stalls start from the original chats to the South Indian dosas and idlis, Moghlai kabab, biryani, sweet jalebis, gulab jammuns, balushahi, vada pau, puri bhaji, and stuffed parathas with innovative dishes like rolls and frankies of different size and shapes.
Gujarati Thali:
This Indian recipe is majorly vegetarian and a typical Gujrati thali has a number id items like daal, roti, karhi, sabzi, rice. This thatli has such dishes that are primarily a combination of spices with vegetables, that are sometime boiled, fried, or curry like. There are different sweet dishes that are also included in the Gujrati cuisine so it is also known as a blend of sweet items such as Basundi, Shrikhand, Puran Poli, and many other such things. There are also many popular restaurants that serve these dishes and some of the popular restaurants are Sukanta, Ashoka, and Zaika.

The Increasing Demand For Food In India

The concept of food franchise is not altogether new. There are both national and international brands that expand beyond boundaries through food franchise ventures. If you are residing in the city, most of you will come across all the available renowned food brands selling food snacks or a combination of food snacks and sweet food in your vicinity. Most of these restaurants are part of a food franchise venture. Both customers and restaurant owners are benefited; the owner with an established identity and foodie freaks being able to savor in their favorite joints.

Most of the restaurants selling food in India are food snacks restaurants or sweet food restaurants or one that sells both items including South Indian food and related snack items. In today’s highly busy lifestyle, most office goers or those who are having a hectic schedule, hardly have time for breakfast at their homes. Instead they rely on the food snacks items sold at reputed food outlets. The occasion for having food snacks or sweet food is not limited to any particular time. It can be any time of the day or night. All you need to have is urge for the same as well as appetite!

South Indian food is one category of food items that is savored in every corner of the country. When we speak about food in India, South Indian food also holds an important place. Be it for breakfast or lunch or supper or dinner, you can appease your appetite with South Indian food. Visit any restaurant in India, and you will find in the menu South India food!

There are a counted few brands that have taken food in India beyond boundaries. So, it is no surprise if you come across sweet food, South Indian food, food snacks, etc. in a restaurant abroad!