Eight Career Popular Options with a Culinary Arts Degree

Culinary degrees are relatively easy to get. If you have started looking into getting a degree, you know that there is more than one that you can obtain under the umbrella of culinary arts. This means that you will be able to find an array of careers to choose from.

There are 8 popular career options to consider with one of the culinary art degrees available to you. Each career has something different to offer and may put you in a different working environment than what you would otherwise assume.

Pastry Chef

With a culinary arts degree in pastry and baking, you can become a pastry chef. This will allow you to explore all areas of pastry and baking. This includes breads, pies, cakes, and even chocolate. You can go into business for yourself and open up a bakery or you can work for any number of restaurants or hotels around the country.

Sous Chef

As a sous chef, you will be responsible for much more than sauces. You will be the right hand of the executive chef, but without as many responsibilities. If the executive chef is out, you are the next one in charge and therefore you hold a significant amount of weight in the kitchen.

Executive Chef

If you have ever dreamed of leading a kitchen and making sure that only the most delicious foods come out of the kitchen, you may want to get a degree in culinary arts where you can become an executive chef. You will be responsible for creating a menu, ordering, maintaining food cost and training all of your culinary staff members.

Private Chef

A popular career option is a private chef. This is where you will work for a particular household or business, creating whatever they are in the mood for. A person may hire you for a night to create a romantic dinner or for a month where you are to feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner while at a retreat, on a yacht, or anywhere else they deem it appropriate to dine.

Catering Chef

Catering is a popular career only because it is always in demand. As a catering chef, you have to mass produce quality food to be served by the plate or in a buffet style. You may be catering weddings, special events, conferences and various other things. You will have to create a menu that is easy to execute and maintain high standards throughout.

Restaurant Manager

With a culinary management degree, you will learn the food side and the management side of a restaurant. You will be leading the kitchen and the dining room, while focusing on quality in all regards. Your responsibilities will be in all areas, including food cost, marketing, and hiring.

Restaurant Consultant

Love food but want out of the kitchen? A career that is becoming more important is a restaurant consultant. You provide kitchens and dining rooms with a fresh prospective in regards to menu design, restaurant concept and even food safety.

Food Journalist

You may love to write about food – and food journalism is becoming bigger and bigger as more foodies are born thanks to the different TV shows, magazines, and blogs that are related to the food industry. You can write about food in general, food trends, or as a reviewer of restaurants in your area.