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Philippine Food Cart Business

In the Philippines, the popularity of street foods and selling P1 food on the street is not a good business if you look at it in a customer perspective. How would you even earn profit from a P1 food? But not many people know is that in business, it is always a numbers game. Those people that have a food cart business in the Philippines know that this business is not about how lucrative is the price of your product. But how many can you sell all at the same time.

Reasons Why Food Cart Business is Successful

Food cart business is are the ones that deliver street foods that Filipinos love. They want to eat on the streets especially if it is cheap. It is also a “mirienda” food for all that they can also socialize to other neighbors.

Food Carts Are Cheap

For the businessmen, food carts are cheap! Ones you got a good profit from your first cart, its easy to buy another cart and hire somebody to sell. Split the profits with them and everybody happy. This is where the numbers game comes into play. Buy more and more carts that you can sell to anyone. Haven’t you wondered why there are lots of people selling street foods in their food cart even though they only sell them for the cheap price of 1 peso?

The answer to that is numbers game. There has been a lot of Filipinos turned into millionaires because of having a huge army of food carts. They started as one cart and reinvest it in buying more carts. Like compound interest that results in exponential growth against time.

It’s Easy To Manage

Food carts only has 1 person selling the foods. And the fact that its easy to cook this food because its only fried foods, its easy to just hire people and give them jobs. Give them a chance to earn an income based on how many they can sell. This will give them the motivation to sell more and work hard in earning money for you because, it will also give them more money. Motivating people to work hard and rewarding them with money is one great way to give them hope in this time of financial crisis. This way, not only did you provide jobs for the Philippines, you also earned a lot of money. It’s a win-win situation.

Gives Chance To Less Fortunate

This kind of business gives chance to our less fortunate brothers that never finished schooling. Knowing that the Philippines is a third world country makes sense that most of the people willing to work for you would be in the low class family. In which you will never ran out of people qualified to work for you and gives you a chance to expand greatly. It gives them chance to earn money as a vendor while working for you. You also give chance to working student for added money for school expenses.

Tips on preparing a bbq gathering

The majority of household celebrations have got bbqing as their primary idea particularly throughout the summer season once the open air is actually pleasing. This is the time of the season when the majority of people would die to take a seat outside the house and relish the nice breeze and also the dry weather which they can’t do over the winter season when it begins to snow and is also freezing. The wet conditions at the same time forces people indoors and causes it to be extremely hard to savor the outside. So when it’s possible to spend an day outside then why stay indoors, even if just for meal. It is more preferable to make meals outside in addition to eatting there as well.

Bbqing is an extremely well-liked means of eating and spending some time with your mates. There are plenty of tasty recipes to test out and also the meat can be marinated in numerous ways. If it’s a potluck bbq every one can bring their unique distinctive recipe and this can give a variety of different food items. The bbq sauces’ can be found off the shelf within the vast majority of shops, however if you would like, you can create your personal exclusive mixture of spices and herbs and provide your guests with different things.

You ought to ensure that your accessories are ready once you prepare an outdoor bbq gathering. Additionally ensure that you have got adequate gas so that you don’t run short just before your meats are cooked.

Arrange several activities and music and singing goes perfectly with an outdoor get together. Keep all of the marinated meat available so that all you need to do should be to place them on the bbq grill when the celebration begins. When there is meat which might take more time to cook then simply put it on your bbq grill sooner. If there are too many guests then acquire a conveyable bbq grill to enable you to place much more meat on the bbq grill ensuring that you and your friends don’t need to wait around.

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Bbq Techiques And Best Methods

Barbecuing methods

When it comes to barbecuing, many people merely stick the meat around the gas bbq and wait for it to cook.

This is known as the direct grilling technique.

And when if were worried about offering undercooked meat in that case theres often the temptation to hang about until its black on the outside beforehead of figuring out that its done.

Unfortunately this approach doesnt always result in the tastiest outcomes.

There are many different ways that you could cook on the bbq and most of these generate a lot more scrumptious results than simply plonking the meat on the flame.

Therefore always be bold and test out a number of the following techniques:

Indirect grilling

When grilling with a charcoal barbecue, many people place the meat onto the rack directly over the hot coals – this is known as direct grilling.

There is an substitute known as indirect grilling which can present great outcomes.

Indirect grilling means moving the hot coals to one area in the gas bbq and adding your food on the other side, so your hot coals are not below the food.

This method is comparable to roasting within a conventional stove and therefore takes a bit longer in comparison with direct grilling however is good for cooking larger joints of meat, or for cooking items like sausages which regularly burn on the outside in advance of they are cooked in the centre.

You’ll find it ensures that as the cook, you dont have to keep turning the meat or even be worried about it burning above the hot coals.

To use a indirect barbecuing technique, light your bbq in the regular manner and once the coals are ho and have turned white, push these to one side of the bbq using a suitable barbecue tool.

Place your drip pan on the other side of the bbq (to catch all fat that drips from the meat) and place the meat above the actual drip pan.

Shut this cover of the barbecue and cook for the needed period, rotating when necessary.


Smoking food on a barbecue gives it a unique smoky flavor and you can buy smokers especially for this.

Alternatively, you can use your current standard barbecue for smoking, providing it features a lid.

This system needs you to generate a great smoky environment within the bbq in order that the smoke circulates within the meat.

To accomplish this, saturate a big number of wood chips in cold water for around 30 minutes

Drain your wood chips and place all of them at the heart of a big piece of foil and fold the actual foil over the wood chips to produce a bag.

Next, stab a number of openings in the aluminum foil pouch; this will permit the smoke to escape.

Position your tin foil pouch in your bbq, directly on the surface of the hot coals.

Once the wood starts to smoke, put your meat onto the oiled rack, close the top and cook for any required period.


Steaming is a great way to cook fish over a bbq mainly because it keeps the actual flesh deliciously succulent and also prevents it from falling about the grill.

This method works well with salmon fillets nonetheless is useful for other forms of fish and can actually be applied for cooking mussels.

In order to steam food in your barbecue, take a sheet of tinfoil large enough to make a pouch all over your piece of fish.

Lightly oil one side of the tinfoil, put the fish in the center and drizzle with marinade, if utilizing.

Fold the tinfoil loosely about the seafood to provide the steam room to circulate and seal the edges over solidly to stop the steam from escaping.

Place the tinfoil package on your barbecue and cook for the needed period for your particular recipe or piece of fish.


Braising means to lightly brown meat or vegetables in fat ahead of cooking slowly inside a sealed pan with some liquid.

This can be done on a barbecue by simply browning the meat or vegetables directly on the bbq grill just before adding to the actual pan together with your liquid.

Then you’re able to place the pot on the barbecue to cook, providing that the pan can withstand the heat. If not, or perhaps if you are limited for room, you could brown the meat on the gas bbq after which complete the process utilizing a traditional hob.


Spatchcock is a technique useful for cooking chicken and in particular chicken but it can be utilized for different birds for example poussin as well as quail.

The fantastic thing about spatchcock is the fact that it permits you to cook a complete chicken on the bbq fairly quickly and easily.

You may request your butcher to prepare your chickenen geared up to cook otherwise you can perform this yourself.

Just, place the chicken, breast-side down, on a firm surface and find its spine.

Trim all the way along both sides of the spine and take away the spine. Next, turn the chicken over and press right down to flatten and open it out.

Coat the chicken in an oily marinade (lemon, oil and garlic works well) to incorporate flavour and prevent it from sticking prior to placing it on the bbq.

Cooking times is determined by the size of the actual bird and also the heat of your bbq but once carried out, this chicken should be slightly crisp externally and any red juices needs to have totally disappeared from the inside.

Tv Cooking Programmes Drive A Surge Of Interest In Culinary Art Schools

With the increase in number and popularity of television programmes focusing on cooking and culinary skills a large number of people are finding the internet a key place to find tips and information on culinary art schools.

Over 53,000 people last month searched on the internet for information on culinary schools’ and this data is from just one search engine. This increasing trend for people looking for culinary art schools and for careers in the culinary world is believed to be driven by the significant rise in cooking and culinary related programmes which have been aired on television especially over the last few months. This has been coupled with the new high profiles of so called celebrity chefs’, further driving interest in the field.

Anne Sprigpitt owner of says, Over the last few months we’ve seen a significant increase in the numbers of people using our site to find more information about culinary arts schools. Much of this is down to the popularity of TV cooking programmes such as Master Chef’, Saturday Kitchen’ and Great British Menu’, which have been screening on the BBC over recent months.

The main problem many people who search for information on culinary art schools is that they are overwhelmed by the number of different options available to them. For example there are French cooking schools, Thai cooking schools, Le Cordon Bleu schools, Italian cooking schools and many more. There are so many choices they just don’t know where to start looking

My advice to anyone who is looking for a career in cooking and wants to join a culinary art school is to narrow down your areas of interest, so that you identify what area of cooking you are most passionate about and go for it. The most important thing is doing what you love.

Cooking to a very high standard is not easy and requires many hours of dedication, sweat and tears. If the increase in popularity of culinary art schools continues, we should see a new wave of celebrity chefs’ coming through over the next few years as more people see it as a viable way to achieve success and fame.

Why Do You Need The Best Culinary Arts Training In Town

Do you want to join a culinary training class? There are lots of shows going on in the television. Some people watch these shows and they try to learn the way the foods are cooked.

On the other hand there are people who do not follow these programs because they seem to be a bit boring. If you really love to cook then you will surely want to prepare something new every day to surprise your family members. But have you ever thought of taking the culinary arts as a career.

There are lots of people who want to excel in this career. You can either work as chef in any of the well known restaurants or you can also start the business of running a restaurant.

If you are fascinated with cooking then this will surely be the best career choice for yourself. There are people who are extremely talented and they create new recipes on their own. So to take your talent to a great position you need the best culinary arts training.

There are lots of cooking schools present all over the country. You can easily enroll your name in one of the schools. But you will usually get the best training schools in the larger cities. There are usually two types of programs available these days.

You can either enroll yourself in a single culinary class or you can also go for the complete program. With the help of these programs you can train yourself to cook in the modern kitchen set up as well as in the modern restaurants.

There are certain essential rules for cooking which you need to learn. You need to learn how to bake, how to make gravy as well as how to make a roast. Chef training can also be done in the culinary school. You can learn the culinary arts in the best possible way with the help of the schools.

One of the major parts of the culinary arts is cutting the vegetables and other essential products. There are certain easier methods of chopping the vegetables as well as meat or chicken. By cutting the things differently you will be able to cook different recipes.

The fish can be cut into fillets which will make a wonderful recipe. You need to learn how to hold the knife and then cut the items with ease. Other than cutting making gravy and sauces are also very important.

There are certain wrong ideas about making gravies and sauces which you need to take out from your head. If you want to shine in this career then you will need the best culinary arts training for yourself and become a well known chef.

Traditional Christmas Cooking

Creating the ultimate traditional Christmas meal is all about capturing the flavors of the season. While it isn`t unusual to serve turkey at Christmas dinner, tradition dictates that ham is the protein of choice. Hams are typically fully cooked so they`re actually easier to fix than the traditional Thanksgiving bird and the honey or brown sugar glaze adds the perfect touch of flavor. >

To preserve the flavor of a spiral sliced ham, bake it cut-side down with a foil tent on top. Remove the foil for the last fifteen or twenty minutes to glaze, but read the instruction label carefully for more precise times. It doesn`t take long to reheat a fully cooked ham, so you can turn much of your prep time to other things.

Prepare your shopping list three or four weeks in advance. The earlier you plan, the easier it is to pick up a few items here and there during regular grocery store trips. That way, you aren`t spending one lump sum on holiday items. If you have an idea of what you`ll be serving soon enough, start stocking up on canned green beans, fried onions, soups, canned pumpkin and other non-perishables right after Thanksgiving.

As for side dishes, it`s traditional to serve at least one potato dish. While you probably served sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving, keep in mind that the honey glazed ham is quite sweet so you may prefer to serve a savory potato dish. Opt for something like Potatoes Grand`Mere, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, or Potatoes Au Gratin. Green bean salad is another great holiday item and is the perfect dish to cut down on the sweetness of the ham. Other options include traditional fruit gelatin salad, plum pudding, sausage balls and stuffing. Cultural specialties include Scandinavian lutefisk, Greek yiaprakia (stuffed cabbage) and Mexican ponche (punch).

No matter which holiday food items you choose, don`t be too ambitious. Keep it simple and make sure the menu is realistic. Do you have all of the utensils and kitchen space to accommodate your menu? Will your oven hold as many items as you`re hoping to fix at once?

Intercontinental beijing beichen culinary global final winner – Guest Room Folder

Australia, Tasmania – InterContinental Beijing Beichen s westernkitchen team was awarded with the Best Soup in the prestigious MLABlack Box Culinary Challenge 5th Global Final. The MLA Black BoxCulinary Challenge is a team-based chef competition organized byMeat & Lifestock Australia, showcasing high quality Australianprime meat products creative chefs around the world. The 5th GlobalFinal this year in Hobart involved champion teams from 15 countriesin 2009 2012 mainly international luxury five-star hotels andclubs. The winning team was lead by Benson Sun, the Executive Chef ofInterContinental Beijing Beichen.

The team is given a mystery Black Box filled with ingredients including prime Australianbeef & lamb along with herbs, fruits, vegetables, dairy productsand stocks. Then Chef Benson and team were given one hour to devisea four-course menu using at least 90% of the sponsored ingredients.The teams then took the ingredients to prepare their menu. The mealis served the following day to key trade members, foodservicebuyers and media at a gala dinner. A panel of international chefs judges the menus prior to thedinner. Points are awarded for taste, skill, creativity andartistic merit. t.

InterContinental Beijing Beichen was awarded as theBest Soup with Stone Cooked Tasmania Lamb Soup Served with LambParcel . I like to thank MLA for creating this wonderful opportunity whereyoung chef talents can demonstrate and sharpen their skills in acompetition where all senses are important and of course we arevery delighted and proud to work with a winning culinary team atInterContinental Beijing Beichen, which represents China to theworld. comments Daniel Arbenz, General Manager atInterContinental Beijing Beichen. The first event was held in 1996 in Bali and paved the way for manymore challenges throughout Asia.

16 years later, this extraordinaryyoung chef challenge has been completed in 22 countries andmotivated over 3,600 chefs around the globe to be the best they canbe and forging the foodservice industry ahead. Aimed to encourageemerging young culinary professionals, the MLA Black Box CulinaryChallenge has grown from its original humble beginning to beingconducted in all major Asian cities, to what it is now, a globallyrecognized chef competition.

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New Delhi Restaurants Serving Culinary Magic

Delhi is celebrated all around for its spirit and culture. The magic is multiplied by parks, marketplaces, stadiums, monuments and temples. Every day there is something novel and fascinating that is delivered with complete potential and brilliance to this city. Besides, dazzle is added to the lifestyle of Delhi with its restaurants and other eating joints. New Delhi restaurants form the most vital pleasurable segment of the city. After all, when you spend the entire day roaming, enjoying and having fun; when the day ends, you need to have a great meal that satiates your hunger and treats your taste buds.
Every Delhite is craving for heightened sophistication of delectable delights; therefore, the number of specialty restaurants is increasing day by day in the city. Also, there are scores of luxury hotels that keep organizing food fests. This indicates that the city loves good food and is already ready to relish delicious bites. While eating joints in the city are being discussed, restaurants in Connaught Place cant be overlooked. With a host of Indian and International culinary varieties that they serve, they also set the ambiance in accordance to the food items to help you savor the comestibles the most. Many of them are also good choices to enjoy great variant flavors while being light on your pocket. Several hotels in Connaught Place also house restaurants that serve a host of culinary delights from foreign countries that range from Italian, Chinese, Greek and Lebanese.

Mughlai and Frontier delicacies attract gourmets to the city. A wide array of mouthwatering Mughlai cuisines bears the stamp of Mughals. People also have a taste for South Indian food, therefore, there is no dearth of restaurants serving South Indian platter. Non-vegetarian varieties from the Southern part of India are also served here. Along with these options, there are some choicest comestibles for kids. They range from dining to yogurts, ice-creams as well as some lovable desserts. There are several restaurants that serve authentic Indian food items.

Looking at the other end of the colorful spectrum of culinary assortments, numerous roadside eateries swarm around Nizamuddin and Jama Masjid. Exotic kebabs, roti, keema, kaleji, biryani and other scrumptious culinary magic in gravy dominate the palatable platter. Truly, restaurants in New Delhi cater to the taste buds of everyone, whether you are a local or a traveler from any part of India or planet.

The entire capital city of India is blessed with a number of eating places that range from separate restaurants, in-hotel restaurants, dhabas and street side stalls that serve irresistible savories. When it is about snacking, Indian, Mughlai, Continental or International food items, New Delhi restaurants play their role just the correct way. Regarding kulfis, chat, golgappas, dahi ballas, aloo tikkis and other spicy culinary variants; street stalls do complete justice to flavor tangs of those craving for them. Restaurants in Connaught Place are topped with famous food brands as well as quality budget places that serve comestibles from various parts of the world. Restaurants in New Delhi not only serve international flavors but also retain the authentic Indian flavor on the platter. No wonder, the metropolis is illustrious for its exquisite dining and wining as various dine and wine eating joints have peppered the locales. Life calls to indulge in some great dining experience and Delhi restaurants are working the perfect way for the same.

Choosing The Right Organically Grown Health Food

Contrary to popular belief, granola is not the only organically grown health food that people have access to. There are many farmers that are committed to growing organic food for families all over the world to enjoy and people do not have to search for these items any longer in a grocery store. These items are available through many organic growers who have set up their shops on the internet and are quite willing to ship organically grown food stuffs to anywhere you like.

Some of the most recognized forms of organically grown health foods are nuts, vegetables and dates and olives. The selections that shoppers have for organically grown health foods is much large today than ever before. The nutritional content in organically grown health foods is being studied very carefully and people might be surprised to find that they are experiencing greater health benefits because they have changed their mode of eating to include organically grown foods in their diets.

Many of the health foods today that are organically grown can be used to create healthy snacks for friends and family. There are organically grown health foods like flour and grains that can turn out some amazing muffins using your favorite recipes. The pantry at home might take on a whole new look with organically grown health foods on the shelf but taste wise, be rest assured that rave reviews will be provided.

The organically grown health food choices can extend to family members that might not even notice. There are many choice pet foods that are created using organically grown food by-products and the nutritional value is outstanding. Pets will flourish under a new diet that is even supplemented with organic pet food selections.

Many homemakers in kitchens throughout the world are transforming the way cooking is accomplished. Some organic foods cook faster and save cooks a lot of time that could be spent enjoying family activities. There are organic health food choices in seasonings too that will certainly improve the way that all food tastes when it is served to the family at dinnertime.

There are health food choices that are routinely used to wake up in the morning. Organic health food choices such as coffee and tea are full of nutritious values and will still give people the caffeine they need to get one eye open faster than the other on a busy morning. Sweeteners are other health food items that families use for all sorts of enjoyments and pre-packaged drink mixes will become a thing of the past.

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Getting That Great BBQ Experience

When it comes to barbecue, it doesn’t pay to settle. The entire experience should be full of enjoyment and satisfaction, and that means choosing a restaurant that won’t disappoint. Good BBQ doesn’t happen by accident, so finding a place that can consistently deliver exactly what you’re looking for can leave you happy with the entire experience. Checking out restaurants like Rib City in American Fork and seeing what they have to offer might just result in you finding your new favorite place to eat. If you’re a BBQ fan, going out and experiencing new flavors and tastes can be fun and rewarding, and using the Internet to help you find your next option can open a lot of doors. >

When you go out to get BBQ, it’s about the experience. The entree is important, of course, but just as important are the smaller details. The sauces, with their flavors and options, can enrich the experience. The appetizers and sides can perfectly compliment your meal. In a great BBQ restaurant, the atmosphere, the people, and food all combine to create the ultimate, enjoyable experience.

Finding a BBQ place with all of these elements that is sure to impress can seem like a daunting task. With the help of the Internet, however, you can simplify the process. You can search for restaurants in your area and see what other people have to say about them. You can look up options like Rib City in American Fork and read over reviews or testimonials that their customers have written. While taste may be subjective, other people can give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect by visiting a particular establishment. Doing some research ahead of time can get you excited about what you are going to experience and can allow you to try new places.The Best Ribs in Salt Lake CityIf you want a real treat, try our Rib City Specialty-namely, our baby back ribs! Our tender-to-the-bone ribs are backed by a promise to you: If you have to pick up a knife to eat our baby back ribs, we will pick up your meal! Order a full rack for yourself or, for a just a few dollars more, get one and a half racks to share with someone else. Try the Rib City Riblet Dinner for rib tips drenched in our sweet barbeque sauce, or try our famous St. Louis Style Ribs, which are traditional spare ribs.